Arpil 9th, 2021

DRY SOCKET’s debut EP ‘Shiver’ is out today! Six tracks of ripping hardcore punk full of sick riffs, fierce vocals and a pounding rhythm section. Recorded by Nicholas Decker at Big Red Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studio and featuring artwork by Justin Gonyea. Split release with To Live A Lie & Crew Cuts Records in the U.K. Limited to 500 copies with each label offering an exclusive color, act fast to grab em all.

Meanwhile, we are still eagerly awaiting several other test pressings to show up and finalizing some Blind Rage shop exclusive lathe cuts for RSD 2021, so get excited and start planning your trip to beautiful Dayton, Ohio just in time to be swarmed by the 17 year Cicadas. Fun story, the last time this brood came out to terrorize the populace was during the Not Much More Than Music Festival that was booked by James (Blind Rage) & Alice (Viva La Vinyl). We hated those disgusting little buggers. Another fun bit of information, one of the only bands to play NMMTM fest that is still active today is OH CONDOR, who have an LP coming out on Blind Rage, however back then they were called THE 8-BIT REVIVAL, they wisely changed their name so they would stop getting harassed by people expecting them to play 8-bit chip tune crap. Instead they play discordant indie rock kinda stuff and they’re some of my best friends in the world, so I’m pretty fucking excited for that release.

In other label news, you can now pester your local record stores into carrying Blind Rage titles by simply telling them that they can pick up most of the recent releases from REVHQ! It is a great way to keep your local shops awesome and keep things moving forward. Love you all, now go buy the DRY SOCKET 7″!

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