April 16th, 2021

Test pressings for the OH CONDOR LP have arrived and sound fucking great! Still pending approval of the band but this should be the next release to drop. If you haven’t been filling along, OH CONDOR is a band comprised of 4 of my oldest friends, two of which I’ve been playing music with off and on for two decades. This is a little bit of a sonic departure for the label, more of a discordant Indie rock thing, not too far of a stretch from a band like HOLY HANDS though. We can’t wait for shows to return so we can book a little Blind Rage road trip for the two bands together.

We are still waiting for a lot of other test pressings and if you follow the socials you probably already know that we are working on the debut LP from Austin/Boston’s FLESH OF MORNING. More old friends making some incredible music. Minimalist synth/cold wave from some punk/hardcore vets. Look them up on Bandcamp and try to track down their excellent demo and lathe 7″, you won’t be let down.

Last week we released the DRY SOCKET 7″ to an overwhelming response, in fact it is damn close to being sold out, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet and want to, now is the time. Until next time…

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