January 30th, 2023

One of my New Years resolutions was to update this page more often, as you can see I’m off to a fantastic start by taking 30 days to make the first post of the year but I was holding out til I had lots to talk about, so here goes.

Two brand new releases are in production and slated for March 2023 release! The first is a full length LP from a brand new band from West Virginia called EXIT ANGLES. They’re lead by Jay Demko of Lincoln fame and the album was mixed by J. Robbins of Jawbox. Hopefully this gives you some idea of what sort of treat you’re in for. An 11 track masterpiece that sounds like what contemporary Dischord would sound like, if Dischord had a NOW sound. I hope that make sense. First press limited to 200 copies on random color vinyl and 100 cassettes. You’re gonna love it.

The second release is a pro-dubbed cassette version of the pummeling demo from Fort Wayne, Indiana’s COLOSSAL MAN. Absolutely stomping hardcore in the vein of your favorite late 80s NYHC greats. COLOSSAL MAN is the brain child of Blind Rage alumni Grey Gordon of KILL SURF CITY. This is a whole lot meaner sounding than KSC though. The tracks are already available via bandcamp so maybe go snoop around over there to find it. First run limited to 150 copies on pro-dubbed yellow shell cassettes with a 4 panel J-card.

After these I’ll be focusing my energy on a New Dayton archival release titled SON OF A BUTCH. This double LP release will feature full albums from 2 defunct Dayton bands that my old friend Jeremy Frederick played in. LP1 is the recently restored demo from a Dayton suburban hardcore band called SUNKEN GIRRAFFE which Jeremy played in with future BRAINIAC members John Schmersal and Tyler Trent. Thrashy crossover hardcore for fans of C.O.C., D.R.I. and other triple initial bands of the 80s. LP2 is the long overdue vinyl pressing of the HUMAN REUNION album Arc de Square. HUMAN REUNION featured Jeremy on guitar/vocals/synthesizers alongside Tim Krug and Alan Baker of OH CONDOR (who released a great LP on Blind Rage if you missed it). These two LPs will be housed in an oversized gatefold with a zine chronicling Jeremy’s life and music. Insane gratitude to Tim Krug for the tremendous amount of effort he is sinking into this project.

What else? I’d love to send out a delayed congratulations to PLANET ON A CHAIN for their big move over to the mighty Revelation Records! It means so much to have one of our bands get the wider recognition they deserve. Their first LP comes out on February 10th and you can pre-order it now from REVHQ.

In other BRR related news, GEL continues to be an unstoppable force and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in hardcore. Again, it’s super fucking cool to see a band we took on for their first release sell out large venues and push the envelope with each release, tour, etc. They’re on tour most of this year it seems so go see them if you have the chance. Their live set just keeps getting better and better.

I’m working out details for the years release schedule. Pressing plants seems to be getting back on track so hopefully we don’t have the same issues as last year with long delays and all that bullshit. A couple things were scrapped due to band break ups and other reasons but we’ll all survive. Tentative plans are in place for new records from BODY FARM, WIRE LINES, and if we’re lucky some new material from OH CONDOR, maybe JAWSTRUCK, and a couple reissues that people have been pestering me about doing… stay tuned.

XO, Gwen

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