June 24th, 2022

HOLY SHIT! What an exciting day today is! We have FOUR new raging hardcore 7″ EPs dropping today! The unpredictability of pressing plants worked out so these could all be unleashed at the same time and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that! First up we have BRR 034 from Southern California’s GOVERNMENT CLEANUP PLAN! 7 tracks of no frills, fast, pissed hardcore heavy on the 80’s influence with some 00’s bandana thrash flair. Comes with issue four of Germinate Fanzine and co-released with Germinate and 625 Thrash. Next up is another co-release with 625 we’ve been holding our breath for for a while, the new 7″ EP from Vermont’s THE PATH 5 fast hardcore rippers and a weirdo folk punk song about killing nazis (perhaps the first occurrence of an acoustic guitar on a 625 or Blind Rage release). One more co-release with Mighty Max from 625, the 2nd EP from Oakland/Austin’s incredible PLANET ON A CHAIN! Hands down one of the best current bands in Hardcore. Stepping it up here with 9 tracks even more fierce and urgent than their debut we released last year (repress still available). Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper release day without some hot new tunes from our second home over in the UK and a split release with the CREW CUTS family. Tension is a newer band that plays HC in the realm of the NWOBHC of the past few years but with some emotive flair. Fans of 90’s Ebullition Records should take note.

Limited Bundle w/ Exclusive Pin Pack Available!

March 1st, 2022

The BODY FARM 12″ is officially on sale today via our webstore! Click the link in the release page. The represses of GONE WRONG & PLANET ON A CHAIN are also up in the store so be sure to jump on those too! FLESH OF MORNING LP is nearly ready, once again thank you to everyone for your tremendous patience with these global supply shortages. We are getting everything out as quick as the world will allow us.

February 22nd, 2022

This weekend we’ll be celebrating the release of the new BODY FARM 12″ with a double-dose of release shows! Friday they will be shredding at Columbus’ legendary Used Kids Records alongside Pillars and Wasp Factory, you’ll be able to pick up the band/So This Is Progress exclusive purple vinyl at this show! Saturday evening they are headed to our physical shop to continue their reign of terror. Pillars are coming along for the ride as well as Cincinnati’s Slut Bomb. We’ll be selling our Blind Rage exclusive blue vinyl at this show! Any remaining copies as well as Dead Tank’s red vinyl will be available for online orders starting March 10th.

We are still waiting on covers for Flesh of Morning but Gone Wrong & Planet On A Chain represses are ready to go! Keep an eye out on our social media or here for an update on when you can cop those!

In other news still got a lot of projects in various stages of production. Be on the watch for records from The Path, Government Clean-Up Plan, new Planet On A Chain, They Live, Xanny Stars, Exit Angles, Sissyfit and more… it’s never-ending.

February 10th, 2022

After months of delays the vinyl for Flesh of Morning’s debut album ‘Here In Heaven’ has finally landed at BRHQ! We are just awaiting covers and inserts and then will work to ship out preorders ASAP! You still have a chance to preorder at a reduced price through the band’s own bandcamp page.

If you have not checked out Flesh of Morning I’d suggest you get over to their page and give it a listen! Expertly crafted dark wave from the Austin/Boston duo of Faiza Kracheni (Body Pressure, Mindless, Etc) & Travis Benson (True Faith).

Available in Clear W/ White & Gold Splatter (/200), White Vinyl (/100) and retail exclusive black vinyl. There is also a Blind Rage Dayton Shop exclusive on Clear W/ Gold Halo vinyl. Very excited to finally have this coming out at the end of the month.

Also just around the corner is the debut 12″ from Ohio’s Body Farm! A split label release with Dead Tank from Florida and the band’s own So This Is Progress… Each label will have an exclusive color for this one sided/etched B-Side 12″.

If all that isn’t enough we will have repressings available for the Gone Wrong 7″ on opaque blue vinyl with an updated/colorized cover and the Planet On A Chain debut 7″ on earth friendly Eco-Mix vinyl.

So many other things on the way, stay tuned and thank you for your patience with all the pressing plant delays.

Color Variants for Flesh Of Morning’s ‘Here In Heaven’

November 16th, 2021

It’s been a minute since I’ve had any real news to share and spaced a very important update in the meantime! The debut 7″ vinyl release from the U.K.’s HIGH PRAISE dropped in collaboration with the mighty CREW CUTS and has been steadily selling but you can still grab a copy from the site! In other news we have approved test (FINALLY!) for the FLESH OF MORNING LP! Hoping to see finished product before the new year at this point. Thanks to everyone that has ordered a copy for your extreme patience waiting along with us. I promise it sounds great and will be well worth the extra wait.

Planet On A Chain 7″ #2 and repress of 7″ #1
Government Clean-Up Plan 7″ and zine
Body Farm 12″

Oh Condor LP
Wire Lines LP
Void Bringer 7″
High Praise 7″

August 22nd, 2021

‘Harvest Verses”, the debut LP from New Bedford, MA’s WIRE LINES is out now and available on 3 different colors of vinyl in our Limited Run store! I’m super excited with how this release turned out and it’s been awesome to see some a positive reception. The band is already hard at work on their follow up album to be recorded by year’s end.

Up next is another split release with our sister label from the UK, Crew Cuts! A 7″ EP with an awesome band called High Praise that has been kicking around for a couple years now. 5 tracks of high energy hard hitting punk/post HC ala Drug Church for those in need of a modern reference. It slaps as the kids would say (I think that’s what they say.)

We are still waiting for a number of other test pressings to roll in as well. Next up should be the debut LP from Boston/Austin Goth/Cold Wave duo FLESH OF MORNING. Their is currently a preorder up for that one via the band’s own Bandcamp page so check that out for some preview tracks. There will be some surprises coming along with that one so stay tuned.

Thanks as always to those that keep supporting the label and allowing us to continue to release artist that we love and believe in.

July 8th, 2021

HEADS UP! Two new releases are dropping tomorrow AM! First up is the debut 7″ EP from Vermont’s VOID BRINGER. Ten tracks of pummeling hardcore power violence. Also dropping is the debut 7″ from Oakland, CA/Austin, TX hardcore band PLANET ON A CHAIN. Also bringing ten tracks of hardcore but a little different flavor. Brought to you by some names that should be very familiar if you’ve followed HC for the past few decades. Look em up chump.

We also have approved test pressings for the new WIRE LINES LP due out later this summer. Preorders are up for the HIGH PRAISE 7″ EP released with our sister label CREW CUTS from the UK as well as the new LP from FLESH OF MORNING (Via their band camp page only at this time). Lots of stuff in the works so get pumped.

June 15th, 2021

So maybe I forgot about having a website and didn’t give any updates in 2 months. My apologies. A lot has happened in that time though. The Blind Rage store front moved two doors down into a much more spacious location, with windows! We also beefed up the stock on both new and used records, so if you’re near Dayton maybe stop in.

The OH CONDOR LP was released back in May! There was a shop exclusive that sold out in a flash but you can still buy the Coke Bottle Clear or Standard Black vinyl from our limited run store. Check the release page for links to physical and digital.

We also just released BRR 030!!! A new 2 song 7″ lathe cut from CROOKS ON TAPE (Enon, Skeleton Key). This was another shop exclusive released on RSD but will be hitting the webstore soon, keep an eye out for that.

Finally, we have approved test pressings for two 7″ EPs from Vermont’s VOID BRINGER (split with 625) and Oakland/Austin’s PLANET ON A CHAIN (ex-LBAL, Tear It Up). These will be out in a few short weeks! Should have test pressings soon for the WIRE LINES LP. Still waiting on MSPAINT ugh.

April 16th, 2021

Test pressings for the OH CONDOR LP have arrived and sound fucking great! Still pending approval of the band but this should be the next release to drop. If you haven’t been filling along, OH CONDOR is a band comprised of 4 of my oldest friends, two of which I’ve been playing music with off and on for two decades. This is a little bit of a sonic departure for the label, more of a discordant Indie rock thing, not too far of a stretch from a band like HOLY HANDS though. We can’t wait for shows to return so we can book a little Blind Rage road trip for the two bands together.

We are still waiting for a lot of other test pressings and if you follow the socials you probably already know that we are working on the debut LP from Austin/Boston’s FLESH OF MORNING. More old friends making some incredible music. Minimalist synth/cold wave from some punk/hardcore vets. Look them up on Bandcamp and try to track down their excellent demo and lathe 7″, you won’t be let down.

Last week we released the DRY SOCKET 7″ to an overwhelming response, in fact it is damn close to being sold out, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet and want to, now is the time. Until next time…