June 24th, 2022

HOLY SHIT! What an exciting day today is! We have FOUR new raging hardcore 7″ EPs dropping today! The unpredictability of pressing plants worked out so these could all be unleashed at the same time and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that! First up we have BRR 034 from Southern California’s GOVERNMENT CLEANUP PLAN! 7 tracks of no frills, fast, pissed hardcore heavy on the 80’s influence with some 00’s bandana thrash flair. Comes with issue four of Germinate Fanzine and co-released with Germinate and 625 Thrash. Next up is another co-release with 625 we’ve been holding our breath for for a while, the new 7″ EP from Vermont’s THE PATH 5 fast hardcore rippers and a weirdo folk punk song about killing nazis (perhaps the first occurrence of an acoustic guitar on a 625 or Blind Rage release). One more co-release with Mighty Max from 625, the 2nd EP from Oakland/Austin’s incredible PLANET ON A CHAIN! Hands down one of the best current bands in Hardcore. Stepping it up here with 9 tracks even more fierce and urgent than their debut we released last year (repress still available). Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper release day without some hot new tunes from our second home over in the UK and a split release with the CREW CUTS family. Tension is a newer band that plays HC in the realm of the NWOBHC of the past few years but with some emotive flair. Fans of 90’s Ebullition Records should take note.

Limited Bundle w/ Exclusive Pin Pack Available!

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